Covid Vaccination Information

Most frequent questions and answers

Who is being vaccinated at the moment?

Currently we are vaccinating any patient of the practice age 16 or older through our regular clinics.

We are also now vaccinating children age 12-15 at designated clinics.  Please click the appropriate link on our homepage to book your slot.

What about the 60 to 69 year old age group?

This group are going to be vaccinated at HSE vaccination centres and should register on the HSE portal when appropriate for their age-group.  There is no option for this group to be vaccinated in General Practice at present.  Further information on the HSE vaccination and access to the online portal is at the following link:  COVID-19 vaccines –

What Covid vaccine is being used at Gladstone Street Surgery

We are using the Pfizer-Biontech (Comirnaty) vaccine which is the vaccine that has been allocated to us by the HSE.

Are children going to be vaccinated?

From 12th August 2021, children age 12-15 can now be vaccinated.  A parent must complete a HSE consent form and a parent must attend the appointment with the child. Link to download consent form is

What are the risks?

The covid vaccines appear to be very safe and to date, thankfully, we have not had any significant adverse reaction in any patient.  Minor side effects do need to be anticipated and can include pain at the injection site, headaches, muscle pains, fever, tummy upset among others.  More severe side effects are very rare but 1 in 100,000 patients approximately who receive the vaccine may have an allergic (anaphylactic) reaction which can be potentially very serious or even life-threatening.  

What is the procedure at injection time?

We follow social distancing protocols when vaccinating so you will be brought into the surgery and straight into the vaccination room.  After a brief discussion you will have your vaccine.  You will then be asked to wait in our waiting room for 15 minutes in case of any unexpected reaction.  Patients with a history of anaphylaxis will be observed for 30 minutes.