Covid & Flu Vaccination Information

Most frequent questions and answers

Who is being vaccinated at the moment?

We are now offering second covid booster vaccines to all patients aged 12 or older as per HSE guidelines.  You can book this through the link on our home-page.  We also remain concerned about the small number of people who have so far opted not to have a covid vaccine – we would ask them to please reconsider this for everyone’s safety as covid numbers climb.  Anyone in this unvaccinated group should book their primary vaccines through the HSE. 

Who else will get COVID Boosters?

Right now we are mostly offering second boosters.  If you are unvaccinated and you wish to have a course of vaccinations, this can  be accessed through HSE mass-vaccination clinics.  

Can I get a Flu-vaccination this year?

The flu-vaccination campaign for winter 2022/2023 is just getting underway.  We have vaccines in stock and all patients aged 65 or older as well as younger patients in at-risk groups such as those with diabetes, asthma, COPD, chronic heart disease etc. should avail of a vaccine.  

Who are the patients in "At-Risk-Groups"?

  • Pregnant women at any stage in pregnancy
  • Patients with chronic disease of heart, lungs, liver, kidneys etc.
  • Patients with Diabetes
  • Patients with immunosuppression due to disease or treatment
  • Others in THIS LIST

What are the risks of Flu Vaccine?

We have been using flu-vaccinations for many years at this point and the vaccines are widely considered very safe.  Like most vaccines, minor side-effects can be expected but more significant side-effects are extremely rare.  Have a look at the HSE guidance on this by following this link to their excellent information page: HSE FLU INFORMATION

What will the Flu & Covid vaccine clinics look like?

These are dedicated clinics for vaccination only.  No other issues can be dealt with at these clinics.  You will be brought promptly into the clinic room and once your details are confirmed you will receive the vaccine by an injection into your upper arm.  please wear loose clothing to facilitate this process.  It is advised that you stay in the vicinity of the surgery for 15 minutes after a vaccine in case of any unexpected reactions.