Flu Vaccination 2020/21

Most frequent questions and answers

Who should have a Flu-Vaccine this year?

The HSE have recommended that all patients aged 65 or older should have a flu-vaccine this winter.  People of other ages in at risk groups should also have a vaccine.

What are the "At-Risk Groups"?

There is a list of at-risk-groups on the HSE website but in short anyone with a chronic disease that affects their ability to fight the flu-virus is included.  This includes patients with COPD, Asthma, Diabetes, Chronic Heart Disease, Chronic Neurological disorders and patients on medication that suppresses their immune system.

What about Pregnant women?

Yes – all pregnant women and those who have had a baby within the past six weeks are advised to have the flu-vaccine.

I've heard that children need the vaccine too?

This winter for the first time, the HSE is recommending that all children age 2-12 years should have a flu-vaccine also.  The vaccine for this group will be a nasal vaccine with no needle but just a small drop of liquid sprayed into the child’s nose.  

Update 10th December 2020 – This vaccine now available free of charge to all children age 2-17 inclusive.

When can I get the vaccine?

We have commenced the adult flu-vaccination campaign and are holding regular flu-vaccine clinics.  If you are in an at-risk group then  you can book an appointment for a vaccine by clicking the adult flu-clinic button below.

We are now ready to begin vaccinating 2-12 year old children with the nasal-drop flu vaccine (no needle).  Click the button for children’s flu-clinic below.

Is there a charge?

There is no charge for either the vaccine or the administration this year for anyone in the designated groups.  We will ask you for your medical card or GP visit card number or your PPS number if you do not have either of these cards.